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Detective Comics #16
By: John Layman, Jason Fabok
Batman is forced to cut a deal with the Penguin, one that will come back to haunt both of them when a new villain interferes!

And in the backup story, Ignatius Ogivly usurps The Penguin's throne and decides to lead the underworld crimelords in The Penguin's place!

Legion Of Monsters Previews Exclusive Blk T-Shirt

Secret Avengers #36
By: Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera, Arthur Adams
In The Core Venom and Valkyrie set out on a mission to kill Father.

In New York The Master Mold rises and the only way to stop him is to kill The Torch!

Black-Ant vs Hawkeye the final showdown!


Essential X-Men TPB Vol. 11
The X-Men reunite with Professor X, who asks them to help overthrow the Shi'ar tyrant Deathbird - but all is not as it seems, and the X-Men must deduce the truth before it's too late!

Meanwhile, sparks fly as Rogue and Magneto team up to save the Savage Land! Then, the X-Men and X-Factor unite to battle the Shadow King - but the price of their victory is more than Professor X can stand! And as a new team rises from the ashes of the old, Magneto draws a dangerous line in the sand to protect his fellow mutants - leading to an explosive finale, and the end of an era!
This title collects
UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #273-280 and ANNUAL #15, X-FACTOR (1986) #69-70, X-MEN (1991) #1-3, and material from X-FACTOR ANNUAL #6 and NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #7.

Age Of Apocalypse #11
By: David Lapham, Roberto De La Torre
The climax of the first year of AGE OF APOCALYPSE!

The X-Terminated vs. Weapon X!

Jean Grey's fate lies in the balance!

Cable And X-Force #3

By: Dennis Hopeless, Salvador Larroca
Where has Colossus been to post-AVX and what is wrong with his powers?

Why are Cable and his team attacking a civilian company?

These mysteries and more are revealed!

Saga Of The Swamp Thing TPB Book 03
By: Alan Moore, Stephen R. Bissette
Collecting issues #35-42 of Alan Moore's award-winning SWAMP THING, this volume brims with visceral horrors including underwater vampires, a werewolf under an unusual curse, and the debut of John Constantine!
USS Enterprise Bottle Opener Keychain
What could be better with Star Trek episodes and movies than a nice, cold beer, and where better to enjoy them than in the comfort of your home? With the U.S.S. Enterprise Bottle Opener Keychain, now you can open both your front door and those chilled beers in true Trek style!

Kirby Genesis Captain Victory TPB Vol. 01
By: Sterling Gates, Wagner Reis, Alex Ross
Kirby: Genesis - Captain Victory focuses on a diverse group of intergalactic lawmen who travel the cosmos, fighting against the forces hell-bent on universe-wide domination.

Lead by the mysterious warrior dubbed 'Captain Victory,' the Rangers fight the scariest, strangest, and most terrifying monsters and mad men they can find. Unbeknownst to his own men, however, Captain Victory is harboring a terrible secret, the kind that could destroy not only the Galactic Rangers, but bring about the destruction of all of time and space!

This title collects
Kirby: Genesis - Captain Victory #1-6


Doctor Who Time Lord Black Bathrobe
Whovians can wrap themselves in the morning with two brand-new Doctor Who bathrobes! Choose from TARDIS or Time Lord styles. ___________________________________________
Alter Ego #114
Alter Ego is a Big Marvel issue, concentrating on Captain America and Fantastic Four! Martin Goodman's Broadway debut - amazing speculations about Fantastic Four #1 - the secret history of the MMMS - an interview with Golden Age Timely writer/artist Don Rico - and more surprises than you could shake a Forbush at! Art by Kirby, Avison, Shores, Romita, Severin, Tuska, Bellman, and others!
Animal Man #16
By: Jeff Lemire, Steve Pugh

Animal Man has Constantine, Steel, Black Orchid, Beast Boy, Frankenstein and a whole army of patchwork men and women at his back - but is that enough to go up against Anton Arcane at the heart of the Rot?

Team Red sets off for Metropolis to recruit a powerful new ally!

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Shadow Double Novel Vol. 68
The Knight of Darkness explores deadly enigmas in the Walter Gibson thrillers that introduced Margo Lane into the Shadow pulp mythos. First, The Shadow and Margo Lane (in her pulp debut) confront the deadly lightning of Thor, 'The Thunder King.' Then, The Shadow investigates the strange machinations of the Secret Six whose giant sapphire, 'The Star of Delhi.' is the centerpiece for serial murders. Plus, 'The Witch Drums,' a long-lost thriller from Orson Welles' legendary Shadow broadcasts!
Wolverine and the X-Men #23
By: Jason Aaron, Nick Bradshaw
Wolverine vs. Frankenstein!

The Murder Circus claims its victims!
Showcase Presents Weird War Tales TPB Vol. 01
By: Robert Kanigher, Joe Kubert
A value-priced collection from WEIRD WAR TALES #1-21! o War stories turn creepy as soldiers battle ghostly foes, haunted weapons and much more.

Kirby Genesis Silver Star TPB Vol. 01
By: Jai Nitz, Johnny Desjardins, Alex Ross
Silver Star is the story of Morgan Miller, the first bio-engineered superhuman. Tasked with finding 'The Others,' Silver Star put together a rag-tag family of powerful individuals in a newly post-superhuman world. Thirty years ago the king of comics, Jack Kirby, created, wrote, and drew the adventures of 'homo-geneticus' and what an all-powerful superhuman meant to war, society, and death. This story is the continuing adventures of the most powerful man on the planet and what he's been up to for thirty years. He's been busy! Collecting Kirby: Genesis - Silver Star #1-6 along with a complete cover gallery featuring Alex Ross, Jae Lee and Mark Buckingham.

Black Incal Deluxe HC Vol. 01
By: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Moebius
The first volume of The Incal, the best-selling international comic masterpiece by Moebius and Jodorowsky. Meet Class 'R' Detective John Difool and embark with him on his journey to discovering the secrets of the mystical Incal artifact.

Published in its original colors and in the same deluxe, limited, and numbered (999 copies only), super-sized format as the now sold-out The Eyes of the Cat.

Gil Kane Amazing Spider Man Artist Ed HC
Eight incredible Spider-Man stories, including some of the very best comics the wall crawler has ever appeared in: the infamous non comics code approved LSD drug issues, the 'six-arm' Spider-Man storyline that also introduced Morbius for the very first time, and the classic of classics-The Night Gwen Stacy Died!

Reproduced from the original art and presented in full-sized glory! The Green Goblin is featured prominently, as is Morbius, and there are additional appearances by Doc Ock, the Kingpin, the Lizard, and the Vulture.

There will also be a gallery section with covers and exceptional splash pages. Additional scripting by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, with inks by John Romita and Frank Giacoia.

This title collects
Amazing Spider-man #96-102, #121