It's been a busy week, but here are a couple of things to brighten your holiday season.

First up is the timeless wonder, 'I'm Gonna Spend my Christmas With a Dalek' sung by the Go Gos (no, not those Go Gos). A delightful little ditty, this tune raises more questions that a continuity guide such as 'do Dalek's have toes?' and 'would they really enjoy pudding?' The mind reels!

Additionally, here's the time-honored traditional Christmas song, 'Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas' from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Ever heard a Christmas song with an action sequence? Well check this one out!

Finally, one of the weirdest Superman adventures, 'Light Up The Tree, Mr. President' from the Power Records craze of the 1970's. It's marvelous to hear three voice actors attempt to develop several voices... including the bizarre Lois Lane. My favorite part is when one actress voices a mother and daughter in quick succession, leading to a premonition of doom and destruction that only Superman can see.


Merry Holidays!