justice_league_filmationGrowing up, I was very familiar with Filmation's Superman and Aquaman cartoons, before their Batman and Robin series stole the show. However, my admiration for Lou Scheimer grew by bounds when I purchased the Superman Filmation Animated DVD. In one of the extra features, Scheimer told the amazing story in which he hoodwinked National Publications (later DC Comics) with a mad plot to showcase his completely imaginary staff and animation house.

Additionally, the special feature explained the SAcheimer kept his animation studio going without sourcing the duties overseas until he was forced to close his doors. Normally that kind of thing doesn't impact me, but hearing the story of Filmation made this very poignant. I wish I had met Mr. Scheimer when he was still alive, but I am sure that I am not alone in saying that he made a huge impact on my happier childhood memories (and those of my son too who adores these cartoons).

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