Trick or treat... the Halloween season has started early this year with this Kickstarter project that needs your attention.

Edgar_Allan_Poe_portrait_BStuart Gordon has brought the works of HP Lovecraft to life with From Beyond, Re-Animator and many other projects. In several of those remarkable films, he has had the amazing Jeffrey Combs in his hire, an actor familiar to fans of horror, sci-fi (Star Trek Enterprise) and comic books (Combs has voiced many characters in animation including Steve Ditko's Question). Both of them have collaborated on a stage drama centered on the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe that has received rave reviews, even earning star Jeffrey Combs the recognition as the 'definitive Poe.'

Now they want to make it a movie. To do that, they need funding and what better source than fans? The short video below makes a great case for the movie and why you should back it but put simply... I want to see it.

And so should you.

Horror legends Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Dennis Paoli re-team to bring Edgar Allan Poe to life!

dd9533d4711fe411b8c9accb9f57851d_largeMaster Horror director Stuart Gordon, brilliant actor Jeffrey Combs and inspired screenwriter Dennis Paoli - the team that brought you From Beyond and Re-Animator - team up again to bring you a brand new feature film - NEVERMORE

The incredible Jeffrey Combs stars as Edgar Allan Poe, haunted by spirits of the dead and the imp of the perverse as he attempts one last  recitation of The Raven to save himself from a life of crushing poverty and soul destroying alcoholism. The screenplay is adapted from the script for the stage play Nevermore - which ran in Los Angeles and toured the country to sold out houses and great acclaim. A selection of  reviews and articles:  Los Angeles TimesShock Till You DropThe Batimore Sun and Fear Net.

NEVERMORE is set in 1848, a year after the death of Poe's beloved wife Virginia (and a year before his own.) He had become internationally famous as the author of 'The Raven' and his 'Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque.' But his fame did not provide fortune and so he was constantly seeking financial security and respect from the literary establishment.

This is Poe in his own words. Our text is taken from his letters and essays and we have based our evening on reviews and reports of his actual appearances. Our goal is to present a sense of the fascinating man behind the poetry and brilliant tales, a man who could be his own worst enemy, and whose life was even more bizarre and tragic than his strangest story.

The film will expand on the stage play by dramatizing some of Poe's most famous works, including The Raven, The Tell Tale Heart and Annabel Lee.

Nevermore will be presented with period sets and costumes true to the era including gas lamp lighting.

Visit the official Kickstarter page for more information and please pledge so that this magnificent project can get off the ground.