Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[New post] Joel Hodgson – Riffing Myself

dailypop posted: "Since sitting through the Turkey Day marathon back in 1991, I have been a devoted MSTie. Their catalog forms the backdrop of my psyche (which has complications). Since his MST3k days, Jowl has worked in several projects including the TV Wheel, the elusive"

[New post] Director Bryan Singer on X-Men Days of Future Past

dailypop posted: " Sworn to protect a people who hate and fear them, the X-Men have long been the outsiders of the superhero community. While they represent the future of the human race, they have nevertheless been hunted to extinction. In the Days of Future Past, the X"

The Shelby GT500 Will Return in 2019 As a 700-Plus-HP Monster

  Seven-hundred horsepower. We bet Carroll would be proud. If you have trouble reading this message, view it in a browser . ...