I've been a big fan of David Bowie's music since I was a kid. Along with the Stones, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Who, Rush, Van Halen, Joy Division and the Police, his music was a mainstay of my upbringing (may parents were pretty cool that way).

I delved very deeply into his catalog when he made the press with Outside (a high concept album that appealed to a select few) and gained a greater appreciation for his massive body of work and its varied facets. I even got to work at Rykodisc and met with some of the people who worked on the reissues that introduced a whole new audience to his work while remastering each album in loving detail (even later, less stellar material such as Never Let Me Down).
Released just yesterday, the new video from Bowie arrives on the heels of his 66th birthday. The 'Thin White Duke' delivers a mournful lament that ponders existence as the camera roams through his former apartment. His face projected onto a Siamese twin stuffed doll, the singer painfully mouths the lyrics as they appear across the screen.

His first studio album in about ten years, The Next Day will be released on Columbia Records in March. The Next Day is produced by Tony Visconti, the same man behind T Rex's Electric Warrior and the Bowie albums Man Who Sold the World, Young Americans, the Bowie/Eno trilogy Low/Heroes/Lodger and Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).

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