Monday, June 3, 2013

[New post] David Burton, the Doctor Who that never was

dailypop posted: " In 1989, Doctor Who ended its run on BBC with Survival, a story that saw the Doctor and his punk rock companion Ace wandering off into the unknown after defeating the Master once more. In the interim, there were many rumors of the program being brough"

[New post] Doctor Who and the Trial of the Valeyard

dailypop posted: "In the season-long epic Trial of a Timelord, the Doctor saw himself through a mirror darkly. The embodiment of all that was evil in his personality somewhere before his final incarnation faced him in a battle of wits in court and later one of willpower in"

[New post] Doctor Who and The Daleks’ Master Plan adapted as a comic book!

dailypop posted: "I have such a soft spot for The Daleks' Master Plan (click here for my article on the story) An epic 12-part story by Terry Nation and Dennis Spooner that ran the gamut of adventure, fantasy, comedy and thriller. With so few surviving parts in the vaul"

Tesla's Silly Falcon Wing Doors Have One Great Function

  The motorized, sensor-operated rear doors on the Tesla Model X are needlessly complicated and cause more problems than they ...