Matt Smith took an a monumental task when he became the eleventh Doctor. Picking up from David Tennant, arguably the most popular actor to play the part, he became the target of many fans' ire as they vowed to never watch again. Lo and behold, Matt was brilliant. A genuine eccentric with stellar presence and a wideand dynamic  acting range that made him both strange, intense, lovable and vulnerable, his incarnation will be missed.

Matt Smith, back in the day...

Matt Smith, back in the day...

Via theNerdist:

Matt Smith announced two weeks ago that he'd be leaving Doctor Who after the 2013 Christmas special and offered a short blurb for the press release, but nothing on video. Now, via BBC's Doctor Who page, here he is with a very heartfelt and very Smith-y goodbye, in Detroit, in the style of "Subterranean Homesick Blues." He's a real class act, that Mr. Smith. I'm sure he'll have nothing but success in his post-Who life.

In related news, the BBC has announced that the Twelfth Doctor will not be announced until the autumn, in "late August, even September." They're keeping the identity of the new lead actor (who probably still hasn't been cast yet) a secret until just before filming starts. So, I guess we'll just have to put the ridiculous speculation as to this person's identity on pause until then. Please.

What's with the cards, I have to ask? Doesn't anyone talk anymore? Is he a mime now?