Friday, March 22, 2013

[New post] Batman 1966 TV comic book series by Jeff Parker on the way!

dailypop posted: "As a kid, I was practically raised on the Batman 1966 TV series. Starring Adam West and Burt ward, the pop art/absurdist action-drama was non-stop joy-inducing entertainment. Due to some legal complications, the TV program has never been released on DVD a"

[New post] Podstallions, the plaid Stallions Podcast

dailypop posted: " I am a big fan of the Plaid Stallion blog, a place where I can reminisce over old Star Wars newspaper ads, watch crusty off-air videos of Mego dolls and leer at the weirdest vintage lingerie ads I have ever seem. This week, a podcast was started up and "

McLaren 720S Is the Quickest Rear-Wheel-Drive Car We’ve Ever Tested!

If this email looks wonky, you can view it in a browser. McLaren...