Sunday, January 19, 2014

[New post] Retro Review: The Avengers -The Hour that Never Was

dailypop posted: "'The Hour that Never Was' Episode 4-09 Written byRoger Marshall Directed by Gerry O'Hara Transmitted 26 November 1965 Mrs. Peel accompanies Steed to an old RAF base that is being decommissioned. On the way to the base, Steed veers the Bentley off th"

[New post] The Outer Limits ‘Corpus Earthling’

dailypop posted: "Corpus Earthling Season 1, Episode 9 Written by Orin Borsten and Louis Charbonneau Directed by Gerd Oswald Transmitted 18 November, 1963 Rocks: silent, inanimate objects torn from the Earth's ancient crust. Yielding up to man over the long centuries "

12 Cars That Resulted From the Weirdest Automotive Partnerships

  These cars aren't necessarily bad, but the partnerships that created them sure were unexpected. If you have trouble re...