Sunday, October 20, 2013

[New post] Doctor Who – Day of the Doctor full trailer

dailypop posted: "After much anticipation, the trailer for the 50th anniversary Doctor Who adventure due for transmission on November 23rd has arrived. Citing all 11 incarnations of the Doctor and stating that the time travelling hero has been running his entire life from "

[New post] Batman 1966- ‘True or False-Face’

dailypop posted: "Batman - True or False-Face/Holy Rat Race Story 17/18 Transmitted March 9-10, 1966 The 1966-68 Batman TV series is, like many in my age group, an integral part of my childhood. Unlike older kids, I took the TV series at face value, missing the absu"

'Torque Is How Far You Move the Wall' Is a Pretty Bad Explanation of Horsepower vs. Torque

  Debunking a gearhead cliche, and better understanding the difference between horsepower and torque. If you have trouble re...