DrWho_50th_LogoAfter years of anticipation and a few months of rumors concerning all 106 episodes having been discovered... there is finally some satisfaction. 9 episodes, previously thought lost forever have been formally announced for release on iTunes, to be followed by DVD. The moment was celebrated by a press conference with Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling.

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dRwHO_Enemy_of_the_WorldThe Enemy of the World
Story 040
Written by David Whitaker, directed by Barry Letts
Transmitted 23 December 1967 to 27 January 1968

The Doctor thinks that he has landed on a pleasant beach. Fetching a bucket and spade he sets to enjoying the situation which is totally ruined when he is fired upon and chased by a pair of low flying helicopters. Taken in by one of his pursuers, it is explained that the Doctor is a dead ringer for Salamander, who is described as the deadliest man o the planet. Ruling the United Zones Organisation, Salamander seems benevolent by the Doctor's judgement, but the others insist that he is up to no good. Anyone who gets close to Salamander is found dead in short order. The only solution is to get someone on the inside, and the Doctor is the perfect candidate.

After taking on the characteristics and appearance of Salamander, the Doctor infiltrates the world leader's inner circle only to find a den of corruption, assassination and cruelty. But beyond that is the deadliest secret of all which could destroy the entire planet. Fury from the Deep
One of the most bizarre Doctor Who adventures, The Enemy of the World is part espionage, part political thriller, it is also written by one of the luminaries of Doctor Whom script editor during the Hartnell era, David Whittaker. There is plenty of humor, richly written characters and plenty of action-fueled drama. It is also one of the very few 'double' stories in Doctor Who lore, alongside The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve and Meglos. An adventure without any monsters, The Enemy of the World stands out among the other stories that year such as The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Ice Warriors and Fury from the Deep.

After the monumental find in Ethopia, Enemy of the World is finally complete. It has been remastered and made available on iTunes, with a DVD release scheduled in the UK for 25th of November.

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dRwHO_WEBOFFEAR The Web of Fear
Story 041
Written by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln, Directed by Douglas Camfield
Transmitted 3 February to 9 March 1968

The TARDIS is ensnared in a web, preventing it from landing until London has been completely overcome by the marauding Yeti, robotic creatures under the control of the Great Intelligence. The Doctor had previously defeated the Great Intelligence in Tibet with the help of Professor Travers (played by Victoria-Deborah Watling's father, Jack), an explorer in search of the Abominable Snowman. Revived by the Great Intelligence, the Yeti are spraying a mind-warping web throughout the network of tunnels. Arriving thirty years after they had last seen him, Travers is a crotchety old man and part of a special team attempting to contain the Yeti menace in the London underground. The Doctor and his companions arrive during the systematic destruction of the tunnels to halt the progress of the insidious web. Their numbers reduced, the team must endure the claustrophobia of the tunnels and the company of cloying TV pressman Harold Chorley who is determined to get a story out of all this.

But not only is the Great Intelligence's army of indestructible Yeti gaining a foothold, it has also taken over one of the members of the resistance. When it becomes clear that the Great Intelligence has taken over one of them, paranoia runs rampant within the Doctor's team and the military. To make matters worse, a decidedly suspicious soldier makes his way past the Yeti and their webs, a man named Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart.

One of the most iconic stories of the 1960's, the Web of Fear scared the living daylights out of kids back in the day. It was so popular that despite a lack of repeats the Yeti are considered one of the most successful monsters of the 1960's. Part of the memorable 'monster season' that also included Ice Warriors, Cybermen and more, Web of Fear stands out as a tension-filled thriller with a remarkable atmosphere and a knock-out monster. It so wonderfully recreated the London Underground (which was off-limits to the camera crew) that the BBC received a complaint for filming their against struct instructions!

Previously, only the first episode had survived the junking of the BBC archives, but today that has changed as the BBC announced episodes 2, 4, 5 and 6 are now back in hand. Remastered with increased picture and sound, Web if Fear is finally available for viewing for the first time in 45 years.

2013 Trailer

Pre-Order Web of Fear on DVD

Pre-Order Web of Fear on DVD

Previous to this announcement there was a vague promise of 'more to come' from this find, but it is looking like this may be the entire haul. I have heard rumors (I am getting sick of that word) there are more exciting announcements coming... but this could be it.