Friday, January 25, 2013

[New post] New Doctor Who minifigs for 2013

dailypop posted: "The latest Character Building toys for Doctor Who will explore the many variations of the classic Doctors in addition to adapting monsters from the BBC Wales series such as the Silurians and Judoon. Personally I picked up a few of the classic Doctors and "

[New post] Marvel Comics Phase Three headed by Ant Man and Dr Strange

dailypop posted: "The stable of characters at Marvel Comics is quite vast that range from science fiction to horror to even the supernatural. After Spider-Man, Dr Strange is the other major creative collaboration that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko crafted in the early days of M"

[New post] Rifftrax: Christopher Walken in ‘McBain’

dailypop posted: "Still riding a high from seeing Best of Rifftrax Live! Manos: The Hands of Fate. Next week I am taking in Plan 9 From Outer Space for all it is worth. Christopher Walken may be the cult actor of the millennium today, but before he appeared in Pulp Fiction"

Tesla's Silly Falcon Wing Doors Have One Great Function

  The motorized, sensor-operated rear doors on the Tesla Model X are needlessly complicated and cause more problems than they ...