Sunday, November 10, 2013

[New post] Doctor Who the Companion Chronicles – Find and Replace

dailypop posted: "Find and Replace Story 5.3 Written by Paul Magrs Released on September, 2010 Having returned to London for Christmas shopping, Jo Jones is reliving the past in a way. When she is confronted by an aggressive and strange man named Huxley who informs her"

[New post] Batman- Mask of the Phantasm

dailypop posted: " A strange wraith-like creature stalks the streets of Gotham, killing off old mobsters. When Batman is spotted on the scene, he takes the blame for the murders and becomes a wanted man, hunted by Gotham police under the guidance of Councilor Reeves, a sl"

The Shelby GT500 Will Return in 2019 As a 700-Plus-HP Monster

  Seven-hundred horsepower. We bet Carroll would be proud. If you have trouble reading this message, view it in a browser . ...