Hank Pym- the original Ant Man

Hank Pym- the original Ant Man

Edgar Wright's Ant Man movie has been in production since Iron Man first wowed audiences and fans were eager for the next big thing. The co-creator of the cult BBC comedy Spaced and director of Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Wright is an interesting choice for this somewhat oddball hero.

A short clip was screened for attendees at the San Diego Comic-Con this past summer seemingly just to prove that there is in fact a film in development. It has been so long, that I doubted it existed beyond notes on a spiral bound notebook. It looks like i was wrong, and it looks damned impressive.

ant-man-marvelOne of the first Marvel Comics superheroes, Ant Man is Dr. Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist who develops a method of shrinking and growing his body through the use of what he calls 'Pym particles.' A founding member of the Avengers, Ant Man took on various other 'code names' as his career took different paths such as Giant Man (when he could grow), Goliath (when he became stuck at a larger size), Yellow Jacket (when he became mentally unhinged) and the Wasp (after his late wife).

Viewed as a weird choice for a superhero film, Wright must win over viewers by showing them just how cool Ant Man can be. If this clip is anything to go by, the movie should be lots of fun.

Ant Man has an October 2015 release date.