Monday, July 22, 2013

[New post] Daleks and more return for Doctor Who’s 50th

dailypop posted: "The 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who is coming in November and fans could bot be more excited. Of course details are scarce, but we do know that three Doctors will be starring (David Tennant, Matt Smith and John Hurt) and that the Zygons will be fea"

[New post] The Superman – Batman movie

dailypop posted: "Close friends, co-workers and more are contacting me about the major announcement at SDCC regarding a Superman - Batman movie. I can't help to roll my eyes as this has been in development since 2001 and has struck me as a bad idea from the get go. That's "

The GTC4Lusso Is a Ferrari Enzo Himself Would Have Loved

  A snow-covered trip to Quebec proved that the 680-horse, four-seat, all-wheel drive Lusso has the qualities Enzo loved in hi...