Monday, April 15, 2013

[New post] This week at your comic shop – 4/17/13

dailypop posted: "For the complete list of this week's comics, click here. Not sure where your local comic shop is? Try! (note: all information including ad copy is from the publisher) If you can't make it to the shop, just click on any of the i"

[New post] Quick review: Captain America #5

dailypop posted: " By Rick Remender, John Romita Jr., Tom Palmer, Scott Hanna and Dean White I was not sure what kind of Captain America comic book to expect from Rick Remender, the guy behind the madness of Uncanny X-Force, Frankencastle and of course Fear Agent. Fi"

[New post] Quick review: Action Comics #19

dailypop posted: "'Hybrid part one' By Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel Superman is yet another DC Comics property who is in perpetual flux. Action Comics was a major hit with the New 52 relaunch and the star power that Grant Morrison brought, but the concurrent Superman se"

[New post] Justice League of America (or how to make the JLA edgy)

dailypop posted: " Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by David Finch "This is a very different kind of team book," says Geoff Johns. "On first glance, people might think the heroes of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA stand in the shadows of Superman, Wonder Woman and the re"

12 Cars That Resulted From the Weirdest Automotive Partnerships

  These cars aren't necessarily bad, but the partnerships that created them sure were unexpected. If you have trouble re...