Friday, January 11, 2013

[New post] Celebrate the Doctor Who 50th anniversary in the post

dailypop posted: "Doctor Who has of course has similar recognition from the Royal Post in the past, but this latest celebration coincides with the monumental 50th anniversary. It's interesting how some of the stamp images are better than other with Colin Baker coming out t"

[New post] What does David Lynch do all day?

dailypop posted: "I love his movies, I love his artwork... but what does filmmaker David Lynch do on his off days? Does he even have an off day? The following video makes me ashamed of my video game/dvd watching/comic book sorting/puttering about the apartment habits. I"

The GTC4Lusso Is a Ferrari Enzo Himself Would Have Loved

  A snow-covered trip to Quebec proved that the 680-horse, four-seat, all-wheel drive Lusso has the qualities Enzo loved in hi...